Partners & Staff


Drexel University

Department of Athletics    
Dr. Eric Zillmer  -  Director of Athletics
Nick Gannon  -  Deputy Director of Athletics
Laura White  -  Associate Athletic Director/SWA
Maureen F. LeMaitre  -  Assistant to the Director
Jill Axel  -  Senior Associate Athletics Director/External Relations
Sean Joyce  -  Assistant Athletics Director for External Relations
Molly Rallo Zaluski  -  Director of Tickets and Marketing
Dan Simmons  -  Senior Associate Athletics Director/Recreation
Chris Koneski  -  Assistant Director for Athletic Facilities
Mike Tuberosa  -  Associate Athletics Director for Communications
Sam Angell  -  Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
Bridget Wiseley  -  Head Athletic Trainer, Club Sports
Conor Trainor  -  Assistant Athletic Trainer, Club Sports
Michael Westerfer  -  Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Medicine
Phil VandeBerg  -  Associate Athletic Trainer
Lindsey Toman  -  Assistant Athletic Trainer
Scott Ellis  -  Assistant Athletic Trainer
Cece Fedele  -  Sports Medicine Assistant
Courtney Loftus  -  Sports Medicine Assistant
John White  -  Head Men's & Women's Squash Coach
Kelsey Engman  -  Assistant Men's & Women's Squash Coach
AJ DiGennaro  -  Events Coordinator
Student Life and Administrative Services    
James R. Tucker  -  Senior Vice President
University Facilities    
Charles Peck  -  Director, Contracted Facility Services
University Communications    
Lori Doyle   -  Senior Vice President
James N. Katsaounis  -   Associate Vice President
Brad Levinson  -  Director, Marketing and Social Media
Graphics and Web Communications    
Rob Goldberg  -  Director, Web Communications
Alese Dickson  -  Director, Graphic Design
Aubree Snader  -  Assistant Director - Protocol & Special Events  
Janet E. Guthart  -   Assistant Vice President -Protocol & Special Events
Event & Conference Services    
Dana Brown   -  Director
IRT Networking    
Matthew Nocifore  -  Senior Director
Gino Cringolo  -  Director
Tom Watkins  -  IRT Networking


Kevin Klipstein - President & Chief Executive Officer
Diana Abuzaid - Executive Administrator   
Bill Buckingham - Director of Member Services      
Wick Clothier - Program Manager
Molly Davidson - Communications Manager         
Dan Heinrich - Director of Junior Development 
Chris McClintick - Communications Manager         
Adriana Moreno - Graphic Designer  
Conor O’Malley - Vice President of US Squash Properties
Jay Prince - Executive Editor     
Preston Quick - Director of Squash Doubles         
Ryan Rayfield - Director of Technology    
Harry Smith - Senior Program Manager
Sheila Suzara - Director of Development
Rich Wade - Director of National Teams & Certifications     
Dent Wilkens - Vice President of Programs & Partnerships      
James Zug - Senior Editor & Chief Correspondent    

Professional Squash Association (PSA)  

 Alex Gough  -  Chief Executive
Lee Beachill  -  Chief Operations Officer
Claudia Schurmann  -  Tour Executive
Jeremy Milnes  -  Commercial & Marketing Manager
Nathan Clarke  -  PR & Communications Manager
Hannah Mason  -  Tour Co-ordinator

Women's Squash Association (WSA)    

Kim Creamer  - General Manager
Suzie Pierrepont -  Director for North America and Acting Tour Director
Elliot Selby  - Tour and Media
Anneli MacDonald –- Tour Director

U.S. Open Tournament Officials    

Mike Riley    
John Massarella    
Wayne Smith    
Sheldon Anderson    
Brad Burke    
Joe Ellis    
Guy Vigneault    
Sunny Hunt    
Murray Harper    
Tammer El Naggary    
Les Homme    
Gio Piccolino    
Will Carlin    
Craig Thorpe-Clarke    
Richard Dodd    
Aaron Ford    
Joseph Ehalen    

Squash Smarts    

Steve Gregg  - Executive Director

Landmark Americana    

Dave Goldman  - Owner
Kyle Veale  -  General Manager - University City

IMS Technology Services    

Charles Luyt - Creative Director
Chris Leonard - Director of Audio
John Ziga  -  Production Manager
Julie Renninger  -  National Account Manager

Additional Event Staff     

Sara Fornaciari  -  SportsPlus - US SQUASH Marketing Consultant
Marc Pierangeli  -  Massage Therapist
James Earley  -  Massage Therapist
Jeremy Mayer   -  Massage Therapist
Steve Cubbins  -  Media
Steve Line  -  Media
Patrick Bedore   - Master of ceremonies
Gilly Lane  -  Master of ceremonies
Christine McKenna  -  Operations Manager
Pete Avitable  -  Operations
Justin Willet  -  Operations
Jennifer Logue  -  Operations
Gary Reed   -  Operations
Shahiem Groover  -  Operations

Slice Communications    

Staci Bender  - Principal
Cass Bailey  -  Principal
Andy  Gotlieb  -  PR Account Supervisor
Anthony Stipa  -  PR Account Manager
Carolyn Strum  -  SM Account Manager
Kwan Morrow  -  Account Supervisor

McWil Courtwall    

David Carr  -  Owner
Rod Eldridge  -  Foreman
Eric Eldridge  -  Crew
Shawn Scully  -  Crew
Gabe Dipman  -  Crew
Chad Durkin  -  Crew

Squash TV    

Mark Bousfield  -  Director
Laurent Cossa  -  Crew
Aidan Myatt  -  Crew
Rob England  -  Crew
Tom Booth  -  Crew
Eric Kafka  -  Crew
Gordon Moon  -  Crew
Joey Barrington  -  Commentator
Paul Johnson  -  Commentator